Platinum Safes

We offer a high quality selection of safes designed specifically for your purpose

Torch & Drill Resistant

Torch & Drill Resistant >

TDR Safes are built with defence barriers to protect against Torch & Drill attack.

Home Safes

Home Safes >

Ensure your valuables are kept safe in a cash & fire rated safe

Office Safes

Office Safes >

For the safe and secure storage of files and important documents.

Retail & Deposit Safes

Retail & Deposit Safes >

Safe collection of cash and storage of cash in a retail environment

Drug Safes

Drug Safes >

High protection for hospitals, pharmacies, aged care, vets & clinics

Fire Resistant Safes

Fire Resistant Safes >

Protect documents, papers and files from extreme heat or fire

Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets

Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets  >

Heavy duty & fire rated to secure important documents & files 

Floor Safes

Floor Safes >

In-floor Safes are compact & reduce attack from concealment

Gun Safes

Gun Safes >

Heavy duty safes that offer cash ratings for high protection

Rifle Safes

Rifle Safes >

Highly secure rifle safes for premium protection

Large Key Safes & Key Cabinets

Large Key Safes & Key Cabinets >

For safe & convenient storage of keys, fobs & swipe cards

Small Key Safes

Small Key Safes >

Secure & compact for sharing & storing keys & fobs