Warranty & Quality Assurance

Platinum Safes are backed by a 5 Year Warranty on construction and 2 Year Warranty on locks and bolt work*. Giving you complete piece of mind that you are purchasing a quality safe with solid warranty cover.

All Platinum Safes have been designed and manufactured to high safety and quality standards and undergo thorough quality control checks. In the rare occasion that a problem occurs, we will provide warrantees services to resolve the issue within the nominated time frames. Warranty Cover (92kB)

*Key Cabinets 2 year warranty on body & 1 year on locks, Key Pods & special order custom fit outs have a 1 year warranty period

Want to increase your warranty cover! 

Register your safe online within the first 6 months of purchase to receive 1 extra year warranty on your safe’s construction and bolt work, lifting this to:


Warranty Registration

Increase your warranty cover to 6 years

Register your warranty cover within the first 6 months of purchase to receive an extra 1 Year Warranty on your safes construction & bolt work*  This information will remain completely confidential and is for the purpose of safely storing warranty registration details. 

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*Extended warranty excludes key cabinets, key pods and special order custom fit outs