Be Safe, Be Fire Ready

Be fire Ready with a fire safe

Being proactive when the summer season is approaching is the smart way to protect our property and valued assets. Fire Ready is a term we hear each year as we commence into a hot Australian summer. When it comes to safely securing important paper documents and files, the best means of protection is in a fire resistant safe or a fire resistant filing cabinet.

The Australian landscape is prone to bush fires and we need to plan and prepare. Australian bushfires are a widespread and regular occurrence that has shaped the nature of this continent. Over the past few years the ferocity of fires are getting worse and can start as early as November and continue through to March.

The aftermath of a fire can bring devastation when personal belongings, irreplaceable documents and valued assets are destroyed. Many fire safes on the market claim to be fireproof safes. This is completely misleading, safes are fire resistant, there are no absolute fire proof safes.



  • Safes are fire resistant for a ‘rated’ time frame. Safes are given a fire resistant rating based on the time heat or fire will penetrate the safe.
  • Safes not 100% fireproof.  If safes are advertise as a 100% fire proof safe this information is incorrect.
  • Safes offer protection against fire for specific time periods. A fire rated safe will protect documents from extreme heat from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Fire Resistant Safes are manufactured to protect paper.
  • For the protection of media such as phones, devices and cameras, a media box needs to be inserted into cash rated safe.
  • Data safes and data boxes are designed to protect data and media 

Platinum Safes have a wide range of fire resistant safes and fire resistant filing cabinets that will protect documents, papers and files from extreme heat or fire from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Fire protection elements that are designed and manufactured into Platinum Safes include; fire resistant mineral compounds, heavy duty fire walls, expanding fire seals and reinforced composite construction.

Looking for a Home Fire Safe?

Platinum Safes have a range of fire resistant safes that also offer cash ratings to protect against attack.

The Nova – 30 minutes fire rating and $15,000 cash rating

The Urban – 30 minute fire rating and $25,000 cash rating

The Director – 60 minute fire rating and $30,000 cash rating


Office Safes with Fire Protection

The larger size models of the Platinum Urban and Director Safes are also idea for the office and commercial businesses.

The Fire Resistant Doco is a certified safe that offers 90-120 minutes fire ratings and $5,000 cash ratings. It is available in 9 sizes it is ideal for both residential and commercial applications. This safe is commonly used in retail outlets for its optimum storage allocation area.

Certified Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets

The Fire Guard fire resistant filing cabinets are UL tested, SP tested and asbestos  tested and checked. They are high quality certified fire resistant filing cabinets that will protect sensitive files and important documents for 1 hour. 

Visit Platinum Safes to view the wide range of Fire Resistant Safes  and Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets. Find a distributor near you here or call 1800 732 630 for trusted advice.