Businesses increase security while gaining great tax benefits

Businesses increase security while gaining great tax benefits

COVID-19 has certainly put a strain on businesses throughout Australia and the wake of the pandemic will create uncertainly for a few years to come.

Businesses can turn uncertainty into advantages with opportunities to change business models and improve and update their equipment and facilities. The instant asset write-policies have been expanded again and provide significant tax savings. Investing in equipment such as an office safe, commercial safe, retail safe or fire resisting filing cabinet will gain great returns now and protect your assets for years and years to come.

The Government’s initiative to encourage spending to boost our economy now provides significant tax advantages for businesses. The instant asset write-off policies have expanded even further. There is now no limit to the amount a small business can write off under the instant asset write-off scheme. This covers the purchase of business equipment between the 6th October 2020 to June 2022. This amendment to the policy is known as “temporary full expensing.”

This opportunity provides double benefits for businesses. A Platinum Safe is a lifetime investment and the quality is of a premium level. Safes are designed by security engineers and built with heavy duty materials to resist against attack. Digital and key locks are Australian made and the choice of locking mechanism options and their advanced features are extensive to suit all businesses.

Protecting critical business assets and cash is a core priority. The instant asset write-off policy that is in place until June 2022 allows businesses to invest in a quality safe that offers high protection against forced entry and attack. Platinum Safe a full range of commercial safes, cash safes and office safes to suit a wide range of applications.

Finding the right safe is an essential component of a business security system. Office safes have varying security features and capabilities to protect cash, paper, media and devices. To protect important documents, files and paperwork you will require a safe with a level of fire protection. A fire rated business safe is built with fire resistant compounds and fire walls for the protection against heat and fire for a certain period of time.  Safeguarding against cash and highly sensitive documents will require a level of theft protection. Platinum Safes have a collection of cash and fire rated safes. View our large range of Commercial & Office Safe here.

Retail, tourism and hospitality businesses that hold cash without frequent offsite deposits will need a high quality cash rated safe. Platinum Safes have a full range of postal slot safes, under counter depository safes, cash management safes, deposit chute safes and cash drawer safes. View our full range of Retail Deposit Safes here.  

A key business priority is to eliminate risk, keep cash secure and employees safe. The safe experts at Platinum Safes will assist you in selecting the right retail safe for your business requirements.

Businesses can take advantages of massive tax savings. Purchasing at the end of the financial year around May and June will provide tax saving sooner for businesses.

Take advantage of the instant asset write-off policies and protect your assets in a quality Platinum Safe. Call the safe experts on 1800 732 630 or find your nearest Platinum Safe Distributor here.