Floor Safes - A Safe Option

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Floor safes have the advantage of being located in concealed areas to prevent against forced entry and theft.

An in-floor safe can be bolted down or cemented into a lowered area and be completely out of site which can increase your level of security.

They are compact in size in comparison to most other safes, so it is important that you consider the items you intent storing in your floor safe. The internal capacity size will determine the amount of valuables, possessions and important documents you wish to secure.

In-floor Safes reduce attack from concealment 

Platinum Safes range of Floor Safes feature superior security features such as anti-drill plates, solid steel dead bars, relocking devices and are fitted with quality locking mechanisms and a top cover plate. There are four Platinum In-Floor Safes models that vary in size.

The Platinum Series 1 Floor Safe has a recommended cash rating of $10,000 which includes model FL1. The Platinum Floor Safe Series 2 has a recommended cash rating of $20,000 and includes models FL2, FL3 & FL4.

The correct installation of a Floor Safe is very important. The installation procedure consists of creating a lowered area in your floor and either cementing down or bolting down to the surface. When a floor safe is completely out of site you increase your level of security.

Platinum Safes have a network of safe distributors Australia-wide and can professionally install your floor safe.

Visit www.platinumsafes.com.au to view the Floor Safe range and Find a Distributor near you. Our friendly team can assist with any advice by calling 1800 732 630

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