Planting trees to help our beautiful planet

environmental sustainability

The team at Platinum Safes are so thrilled to be involved with Greenfleet, an environmental charity passionate about planting biodiverse native forests in Australia .

We are excited to announce that when a customer purchases a Platinum Safe we will plant a native tree on their behalf.

To begin this cooperative partnership Platinum Safes have donated resources to plant our initial 200 trees. This powerful initiative will continue to grow as we make contributions on behalf of our customers.

At Platinum Safes we have a passionate drive to reduce our carbon footprint by working strongly towards minimising negative environmental impacts. Our partnership with Greenfleet  now allows us to contribute carbon offsetting by supporting the growth of our native forests. Now we’d like our customers to be part of our sustainability plan too! 

Our collaborative contribution will help to protect our environment, restore habitat for our wildlife and assist in the remediation of our beautiful planet.

To date, Greenfleet have planted over 9.2 million trees and their forests are protected for up to 100 years.

We are thrilled that we are part of this imperative sustainability program and now our customers can be part of it too.

To find out more about this initiative email or visit Greenfleet’s website