Safe Cash Ratings

Cash Rated Safes

When researching to purchase a safe for your home or business a key factor to investigate is the safes cash rating. This will determine whether the safe will be suitable for your requirements and the contents to be stored in your safe.

So what are Cash Ratings?

Cash rated safes are engineered to protect against forced attack and are based on the safes level of security. Safes are tested by independent authorities and undergo a diverse range of testing to determine how long it would take for an intruder to crack the safe open. 

Premium and high quality manufactured safes will have higher cash ratings. Most inferior and cheaper style safes purchased at hardware stores generally do not have cash ratings that insurance companies support. 

Each safe’s cash rating is decided by the thickness of the safe walls and door, the manufactured materials and security features and the quality of the locks.

The cash rating may verify the amount an insurance company will provide if the safe is attacked. To be certain that your insurance company will cover the amount, it is advised to confirm directly with your insurance company.

The amount of a cash rating is based on the safe being located in an environment without a monitored alarm. So, if your cash safe is positioned in a monitored application with an alarm the cash rating is expected to increase. This is another question to confirm with your insurance company.

Platinum Safes have a large range of cash rated safes. For a cash rated home safe Platinum offers the Urban, Doco, Nova, Director and a range of Floor safes.

Commercial safes and office safes with cash ratings include the Bond, Director and the Doco.

Platinum Safes retail deposit safes ensure the safe collection and storage of cash. Our large range of postal slot safes, under counter depository safes, cash management safes, deposit chute safes and cash drawer safes include the Collector, Defender, Manager and Night Guard.

Choosing the right cash safe will depend on your personal or business requirements. Contact Platinum Safes on 1800 732 630 or visit to locate your nearest distributor across Australia.


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